Nature Dao, a crypto-era natural UN is on the rise

The Metaverse has brought endless imagination to the encryption industry, and it has also really promoted the development of the industry. As the natural organizational structure of blockchain participants, DAO has an unparalleled fit with the blockchain.

Nature Dao, a crypto-era natural UN is on the rise

At the end of 2021, institutionDAO launched a crowdfunding auction for the governance token people, a copy of the U.S. Constitution, which set off an industry frenzy and quickly went out of the circle; at the same time, the profile of the official Twitter @sequoia of Sequoia Capital, the world’s top venture capital institution, was written by “We help rich adventurers.” Spiritual people build legendary companies” was changed to “From idea to implementation, we help adventurous people build great DAOs”.

DAO has quickly formed the first outlet in 2022. Like DeFi, NFT, and GameFi, it is called a huge wealth opportunity that deserves to be deployed in advance. How to strive for enough benefits in this huge opportunity?

Generally speaking, holding the token of a potential project is a direct way to connect with the corresponding outlet project. Recently, the potential of the Nature Dao project (token ntry) has been widely discussed in major “whale” groups.

Nature Dao is an island (DAO) organization dedicated to building a new order of wealth sharing and complete mutual trust. Based on the new Initial Digital Asset Offering (IDO) mechanism, every link in Nature Dao’s operations is designed around community rewards and intelligent contracts, and intelligent machine code execution ensures authenticity and cannot be tampered with. The benefits generated at different stages can be fed back to the community for sustainable and long-term development of the community.

Nature Dao, a crypto-era natural UN is on the rise

The overall route of Nature Dao is divided into three development stages, which represent the early, middle and reform stages of Nature Dao. In the early days, Nature Dao will create the first “passport” of the global blockchain public chain community, bringing together cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world, providing a better communication platform, aiming to exchange global encrypted assets without The rapid circulation of obstacles builds the core entrance to the new world of blockchain and leads the global blockchain community into a new era.

With the development of the market, Nature Dao will further enrich the ecological connotation of its DAO, including a series of plans such as chain games, NFT, DEFI3.0, web3.0, and the Metaverse, which will be implemented successively at the end of 2022.

The Nature Dao ecology adopts a commercial operation method and a decentralized governance method for the purpose of profiting all community users. Therefore, the ecological construction of Nature Dao is essentially a commercial activity, and commercial activities must have external natural funds as the source of commercial profit. To this end, Nature Dao will provide a variety of applications to ensure healthy and sustainable profitability of the project ecology.

In the future, Nature Dao will use the national fund as the core to build one of the largest vaults for global crypto investment, managing billions of dollars in assets. Nature Dao will use these funds to work on better infrastructure, security and R&D grants to support The development of open finance helps the development of a token-based decentralized economy, where token holders can create proposals and vote on the future of the project.

Nature Dao, a crypto-era natural UN is on the rise

We can see that more high-quality NFTs, chain games, DEFI and other ecosystems are integrated into the Nature Dao ecosystem, and the value of Nature Dao will exceed everyone’s estimation and imagination.

Just as we regret that we did not hold the mainstream currency 10 years ago, we regret that we did not have the courage to participate in new concepts 5 years ago, regret that we did not see the future of DEFI 2 years ago, and regret that we did not achieve perfection in the chain game market 1 year ago. But in 2022, we should at least not regret missing DAO, nor should we miss Nature Dao.


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