TTI LABS will soon be launched on the Firecoin eco-chain with unlimited potential

In the history of human development, innovation is eternal.

Behind them, there must be the cooperation and integration of countless people’s ideas.

In December, 20 years ago, the official announcement was made on the Firecoin global website, to help developers build decentralized applications flexibly and efficiently, Firecoin announced the official launch of the Huobi ECO Chain (“Heco” for short).

With the market value of Bitcoin surpassing $1 trillion, many institutions and ecosystems are running to enter, and various tracks are still starting a war that cannot be seen.

TTI LABS, as a comprehensive Defi ecological project, has reached cooperation and deployment intentions with Firecoin Smart Chain, and will launch a variety of smart chain ecologies in the future to achieve true cross-chain technology. TTI LABS, as a comprehensive Defi ecological project, has reached an intention to cooperate and deploy with Firecoin smart chain, and will also launch various smart chain ecologies in the future to realize real cross-chain technology.

TTI  LABS will soon be launched on the Firecoin eco-chain with unlimited potential


What value will TTI have with the HECO partnership?

For users in the industry segment today, the high fees for participating in various projects of decentralization and

interoperability of assets is still a huge problem in the current ecology.

Through the cooperation with Heco, TTI will rewrite this pain point into history.

TTI will connect with HECO with the help of cross-chain technology, while linking users, assets and decentralized applications of both sides efficiently, significantly reducing the threshold for application landing and growth, and allowing users and developers to enjoy an efficient and low-cost on-chain experience.


For developers, TTI has the following features.

  1. an open, decentralized network that maintains the security of the network and assets.
  2. programmability, compatibility of smart contracts, and reduced development and maintenance costs.
  3. meta-transaction function, fee reduction, further reducing the on-chain costs for developers and users.
  4. Cross-chain asset transfer, optimizing asset cross-chain experience.

TTI  LABS will soon be launched on the Firecoin eco-chain with unlimited potential

TTI strikes again and again with good news


TTI passes have been connected to the Firecoin eco-chain Heco and completed the deployment, and will be officially launched soon

According to the official news, TTI passes have completed the first stage of development goal of accessing the Firecoin eco-chain and have now entered the second stage, and its Dapp will also be launched in the near future.

TTI will continue to enrich application scenarios and support the use of TTI to participate in different types of high-quality projects such as DEX, lending, prophecy machine, cross-chain solutions, stable coin exchange, insurance class, coin deposit mining, lending mining, liquidity mining and machine gun pools on the Heco chain one after another.

How can you as an ordinary user get involved in it? What are the approximate rules? To participate in mining, you need to consume 5 USDT to open the pool, deposit USDT and corresponding TTI in the pool to reasonably obtain synthetic TTR pass arithmetic power, pledge TTR to obtain token mining, activate the pool’s USDT and transaction fees will be used to destroy TTI, so that TTI forms a deflationary mechanism, healthy operation and development.

The node sets sail and builds a moat of community autonomy

In the process of ecological promotion, TTI also adheres to decentralized community autonomy. Users can build a community to reach the guarantee to obtain a creation node, which plays the role of a core relay in the operation of the real system and can also allocate block incentives of TTI.

In order to better provide the application ecological driving force for blockchain, TTI is willing to rely on its many years of experience in the field of professional technology application to help the Firecoin eco-chain build a complete ecological closed loop of technology development, application promotion and transaction, and create a richer blockchain ecosystem.

We also expect more people to participate in the ecological construction of TTI, enjoy the wealth appreciation brought by TTI and also enjoy the diversified dividends in the development of digital ecology, and build the bridge of intercommunication between TTI and the future world together!

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