• Comprehensive interpretation of ZT exchange: the value highland of crypto asset trading

    Since 2020, due to the impact of the global new crown epidemic, inflation is soared, and people are looking for more investment tools other than savings. More and more users are using BTC-led crypto assets as their preferred targets for asset allocation. It doesn’t matter whether you are exposed to cryptocurrencies now, because, we believe, at some point in the future, you will definitely feel the charm of the power of cryptocurrencies. When you choose a trading platform, you may face many choices, such as Binance, Coinbase, FTX, etc. Today,…

  • Throwing millions of dollars in airdrops, DEFI rookie BlackHoleDAO gave much more than its predecessors Uniswap!

    We all know that miracles are not lacking in the entire cryptocurrency market. The returns of dozens and hundreds of times are often staged around us. We are always impressed by the luck and investment ability of these friends. In addition, there is a group of friends that we envy even more, relying on their diligent and skillful investment ability, they have quietly added various valuable crypto assets to their wallets. From Uniswap in 2020, 1inch, to dydx, ENS in 2021, etc., these projects have made many people rich passively….

  • Coinbetter: Looking at the revolutionary road of NFT from X2Y2

    The explosion of X2Y2 will only take a short period of time. On February 16th, the NFT trading platform X2Y2 announced that 12% of the tokens (120 million pieces) were used for airdrops to OpenSea historical trading users. However, three hours after the event started, X2Y2’s token airdrop activity was suspended. At that time, X2Y2 officially stated that because the user experience of the airdrop was not as expected, the team would suspend the airdrop to improve the overall user experience. As of the suspension of the event, 0.5% of…

  • WEB3.0 major milestone: ADDAO blockchain advertising technology platform is about to be officially launched!

    What is Web 3.0 advertising? In one sentence, compared with the current Web 2.0, Web 3.0 advertising is more user-centric, more efficient, transparent and secure intelligent advertising. As we emerge from the Web 2.0 ecosystem, publishers and advertisers alike are increasingly dissatisfied with this opaque and complex status quo. So regaining transparency and trust across the entire value chain—increasing user engagement and monetizing premium publishers—is the true ad industry value creator. Therefore, the ADDAO blockchain advertising technology platform came into being, and has successfully completed three rounds of IDO. According…

  • HyperVerse and Genaro Network Establish a Strategic Cooperation for Decentralized Cloud Storage

    According to official news, HyperVerse announced that it had reached a strategic cooperation with Genaro Network, an encrypted storage public chain platform. Through this cooperation, both parties will work together to establish metaverse WEB3.0. In the construction of metaverse, decentralized blockchain cloud storage is an integral part of it. Genaro Network will provide HyperVerse with decentralized encrypted storage service, and furnish users with efficient and safe storage of massive data. In terms of data security, it is able to protect user data from being lost, and guarantee that the ownership…

  • In 2022 Elven World, the dark horse, Gamefi phenomenon is born! The Genesis equipment pre-sale is officially open!!

    The Metaverse , also known as the next-generation Internet,  exploded  in 2021. However, the Internet’s practice of mapping the real world into the virtual space is still in its infancy. Some metaverse projects stay in the partial mapping of reality, such as somatosensory and VR games.   And Gamefi games, a breakthrough in the metaverse world, have been sought after by users all over the world! The rapid development of GameFi is inseparable from the distributed structure of blockchain technology. Through this distributed structure and the confirmation of assets by the blockchain,…

  • BoomSpace Will Be Launched on BSC, A New Play-To-Earn NFT Game for Everyone

    During 2021, too many new concepts have been seen in blockchain. Crypto trends started by NFT has not only made the concept of Web3 popular, GameFi was also on the right track and exploded in the second half of 2021. As a public chain, BSC focuses on the fields of GameFi, Metaverse and NFT. BSC has launched a number of GameFi and Metaverse projects, and achieved excellent results. In the end, with low gas fee, it once became the most popular public chain for GameFi. Recently, BoomSapce, a Play-To-Earn NFT…

  • Cross-chain interoperability can not be realistic?

    Vitalik Buterin is skeptical about the cross-chain ecosystem On January 8th, Ethereum co-founder and core developer Vitalik Buterin tweeted a link in a Reddit post in which he discussed his belief in a multi-chain future, but he The cross-chain ecosystem is skeptical that as the number of cryptocurrencies held in cross-chain bridges increases, so does the incentive to hack attack on them, and their would be more serious consequences. If you move 100 ETH to a cross-chain bridge on Solana network to get 100 Solana-WETH, no one will attack Ethereum…

  • The new crown epidemic has given rise to a new consumer model Can it continue to drive Amazon’s performance growth?

    The domestic epidemic is basically coming to an end, but the foreign epidemic is escalating. Things have been bought up inside supermarkets, which is especially applicable to the mask products of the moment. On the one hand, very few big-selling masks are sold by the day in tens of thousands, and on the other hand, a large number of accounts are blocked because of selling high-priced masks. The development of the epidemic touches everyone’s nerves and concerns the future of every cross-border person. In order to reduce the impact of…

  • Opportunities and Challenges of Amazon Cross-border E-Commerce Development in the Context of the Epidemic

    In 2020-2021, the new crown epidemic broke out one after another around the world, and in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, many governments have issued home quarantine measures. This outbreak suppressed offline consumer demand in the global market, but at the same time also prompted further release of online consumer demand, making online shopping the mainstream shopping method and ushering in a new development opportunity for cross-border e-commerce. At the same time, affected by the global financial crisis, many countries in the entry and exit, logistics, customs…